Hair loss in Women

The most prominent causes of chronic (long-term) hair loss in females are iron deficiency anaemia, associated hormonal irregularity and hypothyroidism. Acute causes include stress, pregnancy,lactation, medicines, associated systemic illness.Hair loss in women starts from the central partition and extends peripherally on both the sides.

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Irregular periods might be due to irregular hormonal levels in the body which is an important cause of hair fall. Polycyclic ovarian disease is a common diagnosis often diagnosed secondary to this. Ultrasonography of pelvic region to look for ovarian architecture and levels of hormones are useful in diagnosing this entity.

Yes. It is an very important cause of hair loss in indian females. Checking serum ferritin levels, a more sensitive indicator for assessment of iron stores in the body. Supplementation is recommended under a consultation of a dermatologist.

Yes. Consultation with an endocrinologist is important. The tendency of hair thinning persists through the life in hypothyroid patients.

Yes. It is a physiological stress for the body. The body perceives as a stress for the hair cycle and causes hair loss. This gets better in 3 to 6 months without medicines also but can be supplemented with medicines to make it better a little quicker.

In most women, hair loss can be made better with treating the underlying problems. Also non surgical modalities like PRP and microneedling/dermaroller can be added to give better and quicker results.

Yes. Patients with extensive hair loss where hair roots have been lost to significant extent, then surgical implantation of roots in these areas lead to significant change in the density of the patient. It is safe procedure and yields satisfying results in these patients. Refer to Female Hair transplant section

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