FUE (Follicular unit Extraction) :

It is a process in which individual follicular units or grafts are extracted one by one with the used of very fine cylindrical punches. This is done by the used of motorised punches.

1) Extraction

In this process grafts are extracted from the donor area with a very fine 0.8 t 0.9mm micro-punches loaded on a micromotor machine. The grafts are extracted in a particular fashion where every third follicle is picked leaving the rest of the grafts so as to maintain a reasonable density in the donor area. .

2) Storage :

These extracted grafts are placed in cold saline and stored for few hours.

3) Slit making

Tiny spaces are created where the extracted grafts are placed.

4) Implantation:

The extracted grafts are placed back into the the area of baldness with the help of forceps created at the recipient site.

Healing process:

Normally the micro punch zone heal within a period of 3 to 7 days. Little numbness and tenderness might persist for few days to few weeks due to damage to superficial nerves, while punching the scalp. This gets better in few days and is completely normal both in sensation and architecture.

Scarring :

The area which is punched on the donor area has no visible micro-scars due to use of very fine (0.8 to 0.9mm) sophisticated punches . Any person who keeps hair few millimetres long, has no perception of any surgical marks whatsoever in the donor area.

3 most important aspects of a good Hair transplant

1) Expertize of the surgeon in extracting roots with minimal damage
2) High density with minimal see through effect
3) Natural looking hairline

FUT (Follicular unit transplantation/strip technique) :

The Strip technique has been used since many years.It was considered as gold standard for hair transplantation for many years. In this technique instead of picking individual hair fol-licles, a thin strip is taken from the back of scalp and the scalp is closed using surgical su-tures. This strip is cut finely into tiny grafts with the help of microscopic assistance. These grafts are placed back into the scalp.

1) Process :

In this process, first a strip is extracted from the scalp by the surgeon from the donor area with a scalpel. The strip extracted is micro dissected with microscopic assistance by the technicians to yield the individual grafts .

2) Storage :

These grafts are placed in cold saline and are ready for implantation.

3) Slit making :

Simultaneous to the microdissection,the surgeon creates tiny spaces where the extracted grafts are placed.


The extracted grafts are placed back into the the area of baldness with the help of forceps created at the recipient site. .


1) Quicker
2) Larger number of grafts can be extracted combing FUT and FUE together for ad-vanced baldness.
3) Less tiring for the surgeon


1) There is a linear scar for life on the back of scalp.
2) The scar may have tenderness.
3) The involvement of surgeon/doctor becomes minimal and is restricted to slit making and strip extraction.
4) Under unexperienced hands there can be scar dehiscence.
5) It is tough to do a good surgery with tight scalp.

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Both techniques under good expert hands yield good results. If the area to be covered is small, then FUE is preferred over FUT as it avoids any kind of linear scar on the back side of the scalp.

Yes. In most patients it resolves within a period 4 to 6 months.


Anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks. Sutures need to be removed after 7 to 10 days.

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