The “SI technique”- Simultaneous Implantation

With the advent of technology and refining of our technique over years we have now modifies Stand dar FUE technique to next level. The basis of developing this technique was to decrease the duration of grafts outside the body.

It is considered to be a modification of FUE technique.

Step 1 : Creating micro-slits in recipient area

The slits of desired density are created with a natural looking hairline.

Step 2 : Simultaneous Extraction and Implantation

The grafts are extracted from the the donor area by the micro-motor with sharp 0.8 to 0.9mm punches by the surgeon. These grafts unlike the Standard FUE technique are placed back inside the scalp instead of placing them outside and storing them in the cold saline. This decreases the time of grafts “outside the body” to significant levels. Most grafts are placed back within a time span of few minutes. The direct advantage of this technique is, it improves the graft survival and overall results by causing minimal graft damage.

Benefits over the Standard FUE technique

1. Better Graft survival

2. Quicker

3. Improved overall results

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1) How is it different from standard FUE?

The main difference is that the grafts are placed simultaneously after extraction, minimising the graft damage..

2) Does it yield better results?

3) Is the cost same as that of FUE?

No. FUESI is only marginally expensive than the standard technique, but the technique is far superior.

4) Is it done by the surgeon/doctor himself?

Yes. It is meticulously done by the surgeon himself with symphony of the team members.

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