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Non surgical facelift :

With the ageing process, the basic architectural molecules of the skin like collagen and hyluronic acid, elastin gets depleted leading to a loose sagging skin and static wrinkles. Also the muscle fascia gets loose giving a poor support to the facial structures and musculature.

Various modalities act by various mechanism to stimulate collagen production and by tightening of the muscle fascia.

1) Radiofrequency Based skin tightening :

The heat energy delivered to the skin stimulates the collagen production thereby making skin tighter with time. Collagen formation takes 6 wks to 3 months ,thereby showing full results at 3 months post-procedure.

2) HIFU (High intensity focussed ultrasound):

This delivers ultrasonic waves to stimulate collagen ,therby causing skin tightening.
Collagen formation and fascia tightening takes 6 wks to 3 months ,thereby showing full results at 3 months post-procedure.

3) Carbon-dioxide laser:

This delivers significant heat energy by targeting water molecules in the skin, causing modulation of collagen in the skin and hence tightening.

4) Vampire facial:

The use of platelet rich plasma on full face has been found to be useful. The growth factors present in the platelets help in stimulating the skin , when used with a derma-roller it has been found to be more effective.Multiple sessions sequentially needs to be done at an interval of 2 to 4 weeks. The advantage of this procedure, is that it gives glow to the skin with skin tightening.

5) Threadlift:

Artificial sterile surgical threads are placed in the dermis/subcutaneous tissue to give a good lift in desired areas. It is an office procedure and facelift is seen just after the procedure. Further collagen formation happens along the surgical threads as a scaffold, thereby giving skin tightening effect. The full effect takes about 6wks to 3 months.

6) Hyaluronic acid fillers:

These can be used to give support at various points on the face, to give support to facial structures. 8 point facelift is a common procedure done to achieve this.

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1) Is It non-invasive?

Radiofrequency/ HIFU/ Vampire facial are non invasive modalities with minimal downtime. Co2 laser has a downtime of 10 days.

2) Is it permanent?

3) How long does it take to do the session?

In most cases single session of radio frequency/HIFU requires 3 to 4 hours to cover full face and neck region.

4) Are there any side effects?

In most patients the non-invasive modalities(Radiofrequency/HIFU) have minimal side effects with minimal redness after the procedure. In patient with darker skin types, caution needs to be taken to avoid burns and hyperpigmenation post-procedure.

5) Who is eligible to take the sessions?

Anybody who feels the skin is getting loose than before, age is not a criterion.

6) Are there any longterm side effects?


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