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Laser hair removal:

In the past, various procedures like waxing, plucking , shaving and electrolysis have been used. Some are extremely painful, some are messy and some have to be repeated very frequently.Now with advent of technology, laser hair removal is much more effective solution giving longterm results.The laser technologies used most commonly include diode laser and ndyag laser

Mechanism of action :

The diode/ndyag laser produces very concentrated beams of energy. This energy is absorbed by the pigment present in the root bulb of the hair follicle and get heated. As it gets heated, the root and the shaft gets damaged and impedes the ability of the hair shaft to regrow.

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1) Who is a good candidate for laser hair removal?

People with thick and black hair are good candidates for undergoing the procedure irrespective of the site. People with very fine and blonde(white/golden) hair should avoid it as it can lead to paradoxical increase in hair growth in few patients.

2) Which machine do you use & does it alter the results?

3) What is the technology used at AVISTA clinic?

Triple wavelength laser(Diode 810nm, Ndyag 1064nm, 940nm)

4) How many sessions does it take and how frequent it needs to be done?

Routinely 6 to 8 sessions are required at an interval of roughly 4 to 6 weeks for a good result and clearance of maximum hair follicles.

5) Is there any pre-laser preparation?

Normally removing hair at the site of laser by shaving/epilation should be avoided before the laser session for maximum benefit. Also bleaching the hair should be avoided.

6) Is it permanent?

No laser hair removal till date, with the best technology available in the world is not permanent. But doing a cycle of 6 to 8 cycles in most patients reduces the hair growth to significant levels. Few maintenance sessions might be required, like once 6 monthly or so thereafter.

7) Can i carry out my normal work with the sessions?

The routine work can be resumed quickly with no downtime. There is sometimes mild redness after the session which subsides within few hours of laser

8) Are there any short -term or long-term side effects?

Short term : Redness may occur which subsides within few hours, burning sensation which subsides within few hours, pain occurs in some patients with sensitive skin, blistering if doses are not set correctly. But in most cases it is significantly painless, safe and side effect free under a good clinician/technitian hands and supervision.

Long-term: Hyperpigmentation/increased pigmentation specially in dark skin individuals if incorrect doses are delivered,,paradoxical hair growth if fine hair are exposed to repeated sessions.

9) What is the time duration for the session?

Small areas like chin,upperlip, axilla, side-locks take 10 to 15mins for the session while bigger areas like legs , arms, back, chest might require 1 to 2 hours depending upon the surface area to be covered.

10) Is it painfull?

In most patients its painless. Few patients who feel pain also can tackled by pre- cooling the skin properly and/or applying the numbing cream for 30 mins.

11) How do i know i am getting better?

At AVISTA clinic we assess 4 parameters with each session

1)Hair density reduction (Should decrease)
2)Hair thickness reduction (Should decrease)
3)Frequency of parlour/home procedures to remove hair (Should decrease)
4)Time duration between 2 parlour/home procedures (Should increase)

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