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Hair Transplant by Simultaneous Implantation (SI Technique) - 1st time in Central India.

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Why Choose Avista Hair Transplant Clinic?

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Indore

  • World class hygienic operation theatres and infrastructure
  • World class equipments
  • Natural hairline
  • High density mega sessions
  • Minimal side effects
  • Highly Experienced Team from Delhi
  • Over 1500 hair transplants done by team
  • Experienced surgeon from AIIMS

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Avista clinics is equipped with worlds best hair transplant instrument and machinery to deliver extra-ordinary results.

Meet our Specialists

Dr Shreyans Mutha is a Post Graduate in Dermatology from the prestigious institute of AIIMS, All India Institute of Medical Sciences,New delhi.

Having an experience over 1000 hair transplant surgeries to his credit, he has changed looks of people in a drastic way.He has moved back to his hometown to bring the latest and the best technologies to people of central india.

He has a core interest in trichology i.e all disorders pertaining to hair. He performs refined full coverage hair transplants with a very meticulous approach.

He follows a technique of Follicular unit extraction with simultaneous implantation (FUESI) as compared to the conventional FUE technique. He also owns expertise in hairline reconstruction with the use of 0.7 to 0.9 mm punches with minimal transection rates to give a high density. His belief is that if the recreated hairline is perceived by the public then the purpose of doing a hair transplant is lost.

His success mantra to a good hair transplant :
1) High density
2) Natural appearance
3) Minimal transection (depends on expertise of the surgeon).


Basic Concepts & Technique

It is the surgical replacement of the hair from the “relative permanent donor” on the back of the scalp to the bald area.Hair follicle It is considered to be an individual hair.

Technique :

Revolutionary SI Technique

The grafts are extracted from the the donor area by the micro-motor with sharp 0.8 to 0.9mm punches by the surgeon. These grafts unlike the Standard FUE technique are placed back inside the scalp instead of placing them outside and storing them in the cold saline. This decreases the time of grafts “outside the body” to significant levels. Most grafts are placed back within a time span of few minutes. The direct advantage of this technique is, it improves the graft survival and overall results by causing minimal graft damage.

Techniques of Hair Transplant

It is a process in which individual follicular units or grafts are extracted one by one with the used of very fine cylindrical punches. This is done by the used of motorised punches.

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With the advent of technology and refining of our technique over years we have now modifies Stand dar FUE technique to next level. The basis of developing this technique was to decrease the duration of grafts outside the body.

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Avista Clinics – We Make Hair Growth Possible Through Our Effective Hair Transplant Techniques

Avista Clinics is the most prominent platform which offers lots of effective hair as well as skin treatments. Many people are struggling with several skin as well as hair loss issues, then don’t roaming around here, visit at Avista Clinics which is known as the best Hair Transplant Clinic in Indore.

Nowadays, lots of people are worried about their hair loss problem. They have a question, what are the reasons behind losing hair? We at Avista Clinics, give an appropriate answer to this question. There are plenty of reasons such as genes, pattern baldness or scalp injuries. These problems will not cure by changing cosmetic products. The doctors at Avista Clinics always strive to diagnose the root cause of patient hair loss and give the Hair Loss Treatment in Indore.

We at Avista Clinics completely understand the value of hair. Falling hair also fall confidence as well as the quality of life. Our Hair loss doctor in indore have treated hundreds of Indore residents, struggling from falling hair. At this well-known platform, the experienced doctors give a permanent solution to hair loss problem in the form of ‘Hair Transplant’. In this process, doctors remove hair follicles from back and side of the head as well as planted to the bald portion. This amazing technique does not only provide shiny hair but also give confidence as well as make people more beautiful.

So, say bye-bye to hair loss problem with the help of the Best hair transplant doctor in india.

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