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Normal skin contains collagen and hyaluronic acid which starts getting lost with the ageing process. To augment it, commercially available semipermanent products are used commonly. Nowadays the fillers which are used are mostly hyaluronic acid based, which last for 9months to 2 years depending upon the consistency of the fillers.

Common brands which are available is Juvederm(Ultra XC/Ultra plus XC/Voluma),Restylane,Yvoire.
The common indications for which fillers can be done are :

1) Under eye puffiness
2) Under eye darkness
3) Nasolabial fold correction (smile lines)
4) Cheek reshaping/volumization
5) Jawline reconstruction
6) Facelift (8 point facelifts/ 3 point facelift)
7) Chin elongation
8) Non-surgical nose reshaping
9) Lip redefinition and volumization

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1) Are fillers safe?

Hyaluronic acid fillers are extremely safe and have been used over years under the supervision of a trained specialist/doctor.

2) Can fillers be reversed if i don't like it?

3) Is it permanent?

No. Its a semi-permanent option wherein depending upon the the absorption of the product the filler needs to be re-injected again. In most cases less dense fillers like Juvederm Ultra-XC last for 9 months to 1 year while fillers like Juvederm volume last from 1 to 2years(this may vary from patient to patient)

4) Does it require hospitalisation?

Its an easy day care procedure which requires 1-2 hours for the complete procedure without hindering any day to day activities of the patients.

5) What is the amount of filler required?

That depends on the areas to be done and the amount of volumization desired. Ofcourse the inputs of the trained specialist are needed because it is individualised to each patients needs.

6) Does it require any maintainance?

No. Till the product goes away, then retouch will be required.

7) Does it require regular follow up?

Trained specialist needs to see the patients after 1 to 2 weeks of the procedure to see the symmetry of the face,touch up at that time might be required.

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