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Derma-roller/ Microneedling

Microneedling is a process which uses rolling cylinders with needles , also called as a der-maroller. These needles cause microtrauma on the scalp and release lots of platelet derived and epidermal growth factors which are essential for hair growth.Normally 1.5mm/2mm deep punctures are used for giving an adequate response. It creates thousands of mico-trauma points. The growth factors released in these areas act on hair follicles close to it and cause its thickening.

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1) Does it really help?

It is one of those evidenced based therapies which is an important modality for improving the density of hair by making the hair thick.

2) How many sessions and at what interval the sessions are done?

3) When do i start seeing the change?

Hair disorders are slow to respond, normally take 6 weeks to start showing up there action.Patients start feeling a change at 3 months, but the actual density is expected to ap-pear at a period of 6 months. . .

4) Is it painfull?

It is done under local anaesthesia , and patient has minimal discomfort once the anaesthesia is given.

5) How much time does the session take?

6) Is it different from mesotherapy ?

Yes. Mesotherapy is injecting growth factors in the scalp and might use derma roller with it while microneedling is only use of derma roller on the scalp.

7) Are there any side effects in long-term?

No. Its a safe procedure with minimal side effects. Patient feels heavy on the scalp and might have a little soreness the next day. Daily routine activities are not hampered.

8) Is the effect of micro needling permanent or is maintenance required ?

No. The hair thinning can again happen over months to years depending upon patients hair thinning process, but does not happen overnight or very soon after the procedure. Maintenance sessions might be needed.

9) Is microneedling combined with PRP for better results?

Yes . Since 2 therapies with different mechanisms of actions are combines at targeting the growth of hair, the effect is also cumulative.

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