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Botulinum Injection:

“Botulinum toxin” also called commonly called as Botulinum Injection is a chemical molecule which causes temporary muscle relaxation when injected in appropriate quantities in vari-ous muscles without compromising the normal dynamics of various facial muscles. Thus it improves the exaggerated facial lines and wrinkles temporarily.

The common indications are:

1) Forehead frown lines/wrinkles
2) Periorbital lines/wrinkles
3) Perioral lines/wrinkles
4) Gummy smile
5) Masseter reduction
6) Neck lines/ neck lift
7) Smile correction

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1) Is Botulinum Injection safe ?

Under doses of 100 Units per session,Botulinum Injection is considered to be absolutely safe. The side effects like over relaxation of the muscle can be there if it is injected in more doses or abnormal balancing of muscles on both sides. Other site related side effects and allergic reactions should be discussed with the doctor.

2) Is there an antidote?

3) How frequently it needs to be repeated?

Varies from patient to patient. In most cases last from 4 to 9 months.

4) Does it hurt?

It feels like a pinch in the area of prick. Mostly it is preceded by numbing cream application or icing as decided by the doctor.

5) How soon will i start to see the effects?

Within 24 to 48hrs. Full effect is seen mostly at 7 days.

6) How long does it take to do the procedure?

Injecting takes 10mins , but pre-procedure assessment by the practitioner and numbing cream application can take upto an hour.

7) Can i resume my work ?

Its a daycare procedure and you can resume your work as soon as the procedure is done. Sleeping for next 4 to 6 hours after the procedure and massaging should be avoided.

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