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Body hair transplant::

In many cases when the standard donor area from the scalp is not enough, then grafts may be extracted from the body areas.

The common sites used for body hair transplant are:

1)Beard (most commonly used)
2)Chest and back
3)Underarms and arms
4)Pubic area and legs

Problems with Body hair transplant::

Problems with Body hair transplant:

1) Texture of the hair is different in each area of the beard hair are quite thick and may grow a little curly
2) Number of hair in follicular units are mostly 1 or 2 as compared to scalp where it may range from 2 to 4 mostly.
3) Growth patterns of these hair are different. The growth of body hair is considered to be slower. Amongst the body hair, the growth of the beard follicles is the fastest.
4) Thickness of body hair is also variable, beard hair being quite thick again makes it a good choice for transplant.

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1) Who should undergo body hair transplant?

Patients with grade 5 to 7 baldness with limited donor area on the scalp.

2) Does it grow properly?

3) Are there any scars?

No. In most patients 0.5mm punches are used which leave behind no scars at all.

4) How long does it take to heal?

It takes almost 5 to 7 days to heal completely .

5) Is it painful ?

No. It is done under local anaesthesia.

6) Does the hair regrow which have been extracted?


7) Will it causes any longterm problems?

No.It heals normally causing no longterm side effects.

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